Chasing Waterfalls in the Philippines

I am totally hooked on chasing waterfalls! 
Not only does the sound of the waterfalls makes me relaxed and calmed, but also the adventure to struggle a bit before I get to the amazing viewpoints excites me.
So if you haven't tried chasing for waterfalls, I hope this post will encourage you to explore one someday! 
Here are the list that I have visited so far in the Philippines :

1. Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal 

Daranak is just 2 hours away from Manila and probably the go-to place if you're looking for nature and adventure. 

Come as early as you can if you wish to see this breathtaking view. There is no need of a long trek here, but be prepared of heavy crowd. You can bring your own food and have a nice picnic, but it gets pretty busy during the day that you will need to wait before someone attends to your needs. 

Entrance Fee : Php 50.00  (1 Euro)

Address : Daranak Falls Rd, Tanay Rizal 

2. Tanawan Falls in Dingalan, Aurora

This was a cute paradise that I got to experience back in 2016.

We trekked for about 15-20 minutes before we reached this lovely mini falls which I didn't mind especially when we found out that we got the whole place for ourselves. I read however that you can now take a tricycle to get to the entrance of the waterfalls. 

We hired a tricycle to get here and paid him 200Php (4-5€). Our driver didn't only take us from the Dingalan small town to this waterfalls, but also trekked with us and took thousands of pictures for us. What a package tour! 

Entrance Fee : Php 20.00

Address : Palayan Gabaldon, Dingalan Rd, Aurora

3. Balagbag Falls in Real Quezon

I really loved everything here. The nature, the primitive life, the less crowd as they seem to have left this paradise after lunch. Such a wonderful day away from the chaotic city which is just about 3 hours away from Metro Manila. 

The falls was also great for massage, as the water wasn't soo deep which was easier to reach and take pictures up-close. 

There are two levels of waterfalls here, but there were more people in the ground while for this one in the picture you will need to climb up a bit. The way is manageable but definitely not for kids.  

Entrance Fee : Php 40.00 (Euro 0.60)

Address : Balagbag Falls, Real Quezon

4. Bato Springs in Laguna

Bato Springs is a resort with varieties of waterfalls, cold springs and swimming pool. They offer also ample of cottages to choose from. I suggest to stay overnight here to enjoy the relaxing and beautiful surroundings as this resort is quite big.

Entrance Fee: Php 50.00 Daytour

Address : Brgy. San Cristobal, San Pablo, Dolores Rd, Laguna

5. Concepcion Falls in Busuanga, Coron Palawan 

This mini waterfall was really small that you could barely see it in my picture above. What I like about this place however is that the water was so clear and pure, I couldn't resist taking a short dip in there. 

Also this place gives you a creepy yet wonderful feeling, still in awe of the nature around me. You will need to trek about 10-15minutes to get to this Highlight of Concepcion. 

Entrance : None 

Address : Concepcion Falls, Busuanga, Coron Palawan

There is truly something magical about the waterfalls that makes me chase for more. 

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