Hidden Gem in Busuanga, Exploring The Remote Cambaya Beach

Busuanga or also known as the Municipality of Busuanga is located in the province of Palawan, Philippines. The town center of Busuanga is Salvacion which is about 50 kilometers from the Poblacion next to the municipality of Coron.  It has a population of 22,046 peope according to the 2015 census.

While a lot of tourists focus on staying in Coron town or Coron area, there are actually still many things to see in the Northern Part of Palawan.
Take a look in the west side of Busuanga which is currenlty under development.

One of the things you can do when staying longer and done with all the island hopping in Coron is to head over to Busuanga area and visit Cambaya Beach.

Cambaya beach is right next to Ocam-ocam, unlike Ocam-ocam, Cambaya Beach is harder to reach. The locals however prefer Cambaya over Ocam-ocam for swimming.

The road to get here is really narrow and rough, but I have survived it, so can you!

As Cambaya is quite remote, I got the whole beach for myself. Visiting a beach with no tourists around is extremely my happiness. Am I an introvert? No- I think I'm an ambivert.

There were a few cottages, but absolutely no tourists, at least during my visit and I can't stop mentioning how I loved it! If you don't know me well, then I'm telling you now that I am a fan of non-touristy beaches. Maybe it's a sign of aging.

Furthermore, I met a family who built a simple but cute cottage for them to stay whenever they visit Cambaya. They told me that their family owns Cambaya and that it was divided among the family clan. The man ( I forgot his name!) also told me that they're planning to put up a business in there and improve the cottage so that they can accomodate some guests. Don't expect a fancy one though, it will be just a very basic Filipino style cottage.

We also came across some fishermen who just caught huge octopuses! It was so interesting and scary at the same time! Even though I didn't really wish to take a picture and dare to even touch the octopus, locals pushed me to and I couldn't resist to say No as they were so proud and happy. Again, another one for the books!

Witnessing the smiles on the locals' faces just because I was holding their precious octopus and surely soon to be their dinner was priceless!

Cambaya is actually a pretty long island, I felt like I had a good exercise walking around the shoreline along with the pretty seashells.

The water was so clear, I wished to take a quick dip, unfortunately I wasn't well prepared during that time. The sand was not very pristine and white as Black Island or Boracay. It consists  more of tiny pebbles with golden sand, yet it was very wonderful.

Finally, I and my local friend found the perfect spot for me to rest. The only missing on that tour was that I had no food nor drinks with me, so unfortunately I couldn't stay that long in my happy place because my dragons in my stomach started to growl.

How to get ot Cambaya Beach: 
- From Coron to Cambaya rent a motorcycle (500Php) or
- From Coron to Salvacion take a van and take a tricycle to Ocam-ocam, then ask locals if they can take you to Cambaya via motor, probably also around (500Php)
- From Salvacion pier to Cambaya Beach take a boat (1000Php)

Where to stay overnight in Cambaya Beach:
- there are hostels and cottages in Ocam-ocam, but not yet in Cambaya Beach ( Year 2019, probably this time they may have)

Additional Info : I asked locals to guide me to get here. I hope you're as adventurous and as enthusiastic to explore new places as me! Because if you're not, then I wouldn't advise you to try this tour.

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