Top 10 Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal

Whenever I hear Portugal, I always think of the handsome soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and the exotic portuguese women. But guess what, Portugal has definitely more to offer than just beautiful people. 
Last October, I got to to spend five days and four nights in Lisbon and here are my Top 10 Things to do :

1.  Stay in Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is the place to be if you wish to be close to the city center and party at night at the same time. The airbnb's here are a bit more expensive than the ones outside the city center, but you will definitely save a lot of money taking taxis as everything is just within a short walking distance, from restaurants to shopping malls as well as all the touristic places.  

2. Check out Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara

Miradouro means viewpoint or terrace where you can just relax and see the beautiful views of Lisbon. As this was close to Alto Bairro I put this on my second list, not to mention that there is no entrance free to get to see this pretty view. Yeah, I'm a sucker for free stuff. 

3. Take Trams

There are trams everywhere here and it costs 3 Euro for each ride. Eventhough it was not necessary for us to take the tram, I wanted to experience it so badly. Because why not? 

4. Visit Oceanario de Lisbon 

The Oceanarium Lisbon is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, and definitely a must-visit when you are here. The entrance fee is 19Euro, but it was totally worth the price for me. I saw lots of sharks, rays, beautiful fish and so many more. I love oceans and I felt relaxed staying here just watching and observing those pretty marine creatures.  

5. Go thrift-shopping in Mercado de Santa Clara

For those who love shopping or even better thrift shopping, Mercado de Santa Clara is a huge flea market, I could spend the whole day here looking around for interesting stuff. I even bought souvenirs here and was about to buy a carpet, but of course since I just had limited baggage allowance, I had to drop it. 
From Alto Bairro we took a taxi to Mercado de Santa Clara and paid around 9Euro. 

6. Try their seafood along the stair way 

As you may know, outside Lisbon is a string of Atlantic beaches, therefore seafood is a must-try without breaking your bank here. I got to eat good fresh seafood here almost every day. There are plenty of varieties from low-cost to fancy restaurants in Lisbon. We couldn't resist trying one here at a romantic stairway as we have passed by here everyday to get to the city center. 
Above is one of the yummy seafoods we have tried in another restaurant. 

7. Visit  Castelo de S. Jorge

This 11th-century, hilltop castle offers many viewpoints. One thing that surprised me here is to see peacocks roaming around. The castle itself was not as interesting as I have thought to be, but since we have a lot of time exploring this city, I believe it still deserves to be visited. The downside is that you have to pay 10 Euro entrance fee to enter this castle.  

8. Stroll around Praco do Comercio 

Praco do Comercio also known as the Palace Square is located in the city center of Lisbon. This is just right next to the Tagus river, so you get to stroll around the square and at the same time hang out beside the river, where most people relax and watch the sunset fades away or the sunrise lighting the sky. 

9.  Visit the city center 

Before you get to Praco do Comercio, you will pass by the city center. Generally the city center is one of the go to place when travelling because you get to go shopping, find restaurants and just  indulge on how busy the city can get. You will get a glimpse of a lot of artists just doing their thing which was quite interesting and also see how locals and tourists meet together in one place.
Alternatively,  if you're exhausted of walking around the city, find a spot and try the famous Pastel de Bacalhau. Bacalhau is basically a mixture of potatoes, codfish, eggs, parsley and onion. Everybody seems to love Bacalhau here in Lisbon. 

10.  Try one of their Tapas bars

As I always say, you're not a real traveler if you don't try what the country you're visiting is famous for. Therefore, I highly recommend to give their yummy Tapas a try!
This Tapas bar was close to Alto Bairro, just along the main road and we ordered all kinds of Tapas to savor their culture. 

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