Home Quarantine like Carol

As much as I would like to convince people to travel like me, our President Rodrigo Duterte declared an enhanced community quarantine within the entire Luzon of the Philippines in order to avoid further spread of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) which I believe is the right thing to do during this pandemic. He also stated that we, Filipinos, can take a vacation but, there's a but...only at home. He proceeded that we should go around the house and maybe there is still something we have missed.

All the while, Filipinos started to follow our President's advice and find ways to be creative at home. 
In times like these, it is best to stay at home and try to overcome boredom.

So here is my version of "World Tour" around my small studio unit.

  1. What a wonderful view in the Colosseum of Rome  Colesseum of Ba(kal)cony. Bakal means Iron in Tagalog. 

   2. Breakfast with a stunning view! It is indeed romantic in Paris err Pasig (my hometown).

   3. Immerse yourself in nature. I have always wanted to go to Kyoto Japanese Garden, but also my  Kanto (=Corner)  Japanese Garden can make up for it!

 4. Define Art? In the Philippines we have an art museum called Pinto Art Museum.  Pinto actually means door, so let' see if you understand the humor in my picture below.

  5. In the hustle and bustle of the City Life of Vietnam, there's Aloe to make you feel calm. Presenting to you my version of Hanoi, Vietnam .

   6. One of my dream destinations  is to visit Tulum in Mexico. Here I am enjoying at the "Kulong" (=Prison)  Boho Beach Bar.

  7. I love chasing waterfalls, this time I went to Kawasan oppss Lawasa (=drinking water)Waterfalls.

   8. Lastly, how can I forget buying souvenirs for my friends at the Off Duty Shop.

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  1. Hi Carol, I really like the Vietnamese and duty free shop pics. Lol

    1. Hi! I am glad you like them :) Hope it brought some joy in these difficult times. Stay safe!