Trento - A Hidden Gem Of North Italy

Everyone must be dreaming of coming to Italy to set eyes on the beautiful Tuscany,  the romantic Venice, the splendid Rome and many to mention- all of which are famous dream destinations to many. But have you heard of Trento in Italy? "Wait, what?". " Where?".  "Trento?." "Is it in Italy?". Those used to be my response when I heard of Trento for the first time. Whenever locals travel abroad and when asked where they come from, they usually never say they are from Trento. They will tell you they're from Milan or maybe Verona or somewhere closer and more popular than Trento. You might have guessed by now why : Nobody really knows about Trento, unless you are an extreme trekker or ski enthusiasts.

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Trento City

Trento is a capital city in the Trentino-Alto Adige province of northern Italy with around 118 thousand population. It is known for its breathtaking dolomites, good quality of snow, wonderful lakes, stunning panoramic views and a home to Medieval and Renaissance historic centers.

Trentino and South Tirol established the district of Trentino Adige/Südtirol that lead them to an independent region under the constitution.  This small city is one of the ideal places to live in Italy if you plan to grow a family in terms of safety, environment, nature, business and job opportunities. With that said, Trento has been ranked as one of the top 5 for these reasons among Italian cities.
Having been to Trento every year since 2018, I can tell why this is the best place to live in and to be honest,  I wish to live here after this sad pandemic too.

Attractions in Trento

Buonconsiglio Castle, the first attraction I have visited in Trento located in the city center. This castle is the home of the Prince of Trento, who was a priest, built in 1200. A mix of romanic, renaissance and baroque architecture which made this castle even more attractive.

Address : Via Bernardo Clesio, 5, 38122 Trento

Buonconsiglio Castle from outside 

Piazza del Duomo which means the Cathedral Square of Trento is one of my favorite spots in the heart of the busy city center. The duomo is certainly a beautiful place to relax or to just stop by along with the San Vigilio Cathedral, the romantic Neptune Fountain with a stunning backdrop of mountains and of course not to mention the Pretorio Palace which you will learn more about below. Every Thursday this place is packed with locals and tourists because of the Thursday Market where they sell all kinds of stuff similar to a fleamarket.

Address : Piazza Duomo, 38122 Trento

Piazza Duomo 

San Vigilio Cathedral, the main Cathedral of Trento, which is one of the Highlights in Piazza Duomo. You can also see it in the above picture. Here I am enjoying my spritz and a bit of chips across the San Vigilio Cathedral.

Piazza Duomo Cafe 

Pretorio Palace, a home to the Prince or Bishop in the ancient time. It's a beautiful palace with a baroque tower that can not be missed when you are here in Trento. It looks like it's an extension of the cathedral as they're just right next to eachother. I even love this place during Christmas because they decorate this wonderful palace with Christmas lights.

Pretorio Palace, San Vigilio Cathedral and the famous Neptune Fountain 

The streets in Trento are also remarkable such as Via S Pietro, Via Oss Mazzurana, Dei Legionari Trentini and the VIa Suffragio. I have always dreamed of taking pictures of these medieval streets in  Italy and I have to say I have finally achieved it!

Streets of Trento 

Attractions in Trentino

Dolomiti de Brenta or the Brenta Dolomites aka Brenta Group, is just one of the breathtaking dolomites you will experience in Trento. We took the cable car to go all the way up for 10 Euro, but had to hike down  as the cables were closed from 1-3PM which we didn't know! Nevertheless,  I survived the 2 hours hike going down and enjoyed the views along the way.

Address : Brenta Group, 38018 Pinzolo, Trentino

Brenta Dolomites

Lake Molveno, one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy situated near Brenta Dolomites. This mesmerizing lake is one of the largest in the alps and also the largest reservoir of the italian mountains.

Lake Molveno 

Lago di Tenno or Lake Tenno is the most charming lakes I have ever set eyes on. It is one of the hidden gems in Italy. This lake is also called "Lago Azzurro" due it's beautiful blue azure turquoise color.

Address : 38060 Tenno, near Ville de Monte

Lake Tenno
Lago di Toblino is definitely the most dreamy spots in Trentino. Lake Toblino along with the Toblino castle, where every girl wish to have their wedding celebration, is just a breathtaking sight to capture. This lake is definitely a must see when you are here.

Lake Toblino
Lago di Lamar or Lake of Lamar is just a cute Lake. This wonderful lake is just 20 minutes away from the city center. Lake Lamar is situated directly under Mount Paganella. There are actually two lakes here : Lake Lamar and Lake Santo. However, there isn't enough lakeside in Lake Santo, therefore people prefer to stay at Lake Lamar which you will definitely enjoy as well.

Address: 38070 Terlago, Trentino

Lake Lamar
Beseno Castle or Castel Beseno is also one of my favorite places to visit. This stunning medieval castle embedded in a hilltop setting is truly impressive especially when nobody was around when we visited this place.

Address : Calliano, Via Castel Beseno, 38060 Besenello TN

Beseno Castle 

Cascate del Nardis e Lares or Nardis Waterfalls, one of the most iconic waterfalls in Trentino, is definitely not to be missed when you're tired of the mountains, dolomites and castles. This stunning waterfalls drops from more than 130 meters from Presanella.

Address : Val di Genova, seguire indicazioni per cascata Nardis,  Carisolo

Nardis Waterfalls 
Which among the above would be your favourite attraction? Would you consider visiting Trento after this pandemic?

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