DIY Travel Guide 2020 : One hour in Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu

Island hopping is one of the must do when you are in Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. While there are many beautiful islands to choose from, my friend opted for the smallest islands. The woman who worked at the travel agency  tried really so hard to convince us to choose Manukan over Mamutik. She claimed that Manukan is more beautiful because it is a lot bigger and there are definitely more things to do or rather see than in Mamutik Island. However my friend, Aylin, won and off we went to Mamutik Island. But the truth is, we didn't have enough time to explore the stunning islands Sabah has to offer anyway. We just wanted to be on the beach even just for one hour. Moreover, the jetty-port was just about 5 minutes away from Hotel Grandis, how could we just let it slip away like that? No way-we would!

Mamutik Island 

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The Ticketing Hall 

Time Check, it was 2:00 PM when we arrived at the Jesselton Point, as per our research, the last trip to all islands would be at 5:00PM. But honestly, they informed us that they would come pick us up at the island at 4:00PM.

The Ticketing Area 
First thing first, you will need to get a ticket at their ticketing hall which is located just at the right side entering the Jesselton Point.  Inside the hall, you will find a lot of booths offering the same services just different agencies if I may say, so it's up to you which one you would like to approach. We chose booth # 1.

Price List 
For one island, we paid 23 RM for the speed boat fee and 7 RM for the terminal which was 30 RM in total. Please keep in mind that there's additional charges for the entrance fee when you arrive at whichever island you chose. We paid another 20 RM upon arrival at Mamutik, please see the price list above.

The Waiting Area 

Once you receive the tickets, you will proceed to their waiting area or departure area which is just straight ahead from the ticketing hall.  Here you will need to wait until they call you to get into the boat. We waited for about good 15-20 minutes before we departed. Don't worry also if you are hungry or forgot to bring your bikini or towels. There are many shops where you can buy all of these.
Tip : You can bring your own food as they are quite pricey in the islands. We bought snacks and water just to make sure.

The waiting area 

The Speed Boat Experience 

Finally, we got the whole  speedboat for ourselves. Now, we realized why the woman at the ticketing hall was pushing us to choose Manukan instead of Mamutik!
It took about 15-20 minutes to arrive in the paradise which was by the way an exciting experience.

Arrival at Mamutik Island 

Upon arrival, a stunning paradise awaited us. Crystal clear water with lots of small fish can be watched from the speed boat. We were all excited to get off after that wild  windy speed boat experience.

Time Check : 2: 45 PM
At the reception, you will need to prepare your 20 RM to pay the entrance fee. They will also inform you that you will need to be at the reception area at 4pm for the pick up.

The Receiving Area of Mamutk Island 

The Beach 

As it was scorching hot on that day, I have to admit that we didn't get to explore the whole island. So as for the part of where we have stayed and based on my observation, the beach was beautiful with white fine sand in some areas, but also parts where it was rough and rocky. This island is also backed with some trees which can be used as shelters. 

The Environment 

One of the reasons we chose Mamutik because it's the smallest and less touristy among all other islands in Sabah as per our research online. I am telling you, it is not as small as we have expected at all! It is quite big. We really wished we had gone here early in the morning or atleast right after lunch because honestly alone going to the toilet took up all our time. It took us about 15-20 Minutes searching for the toilet from the beach area. So if you wish to change clothes or use the toilet, do it right upon arrival as the toilet is at the back of the reception area and the beach area is still quite a walk.
As for the crowd, we saw both locals and foreigners enjoying this stunning paradise. It wasn't too crowded I have to say. Everybody just seemed to be staying where there were trees and obviously we all know why! 😉

Environment of Mamutic Island 

The Conclusion 

Mamutik Island is definitely a must see for me in Sabah. It was a little paradise where you can relax, chill out and just enjoy the moment while listening to the waves crashing onto the sand, an absolute quick stress relief as well. It would have been definitely worth the money if we had enough time to stay here, but even if we have stayed for just one hour and 15 minutes, I absolutely loved it. Mamutik Island could need some improvement however. It would have been more convenient if they put up another small toilet near the beach area. 
Travel Date : February 16, 2020 

How was your experience here? Let me know in the comments below. 

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