How to Work from Home effectively during the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic as of the moment, putting a lot of countries under quarantine or lockdown, businesses are forced to shut down their operations or  establish a work-from-home (WFH) scheme, also called "telecommuting" aka telework.

To the lucky ones who have the opportunity to work remotely at the comfort of our own home, we should make the best of it, shall we?

1. Be Grateful. 

The first thing to have in mind and heart is to be thankful for having the chance to continue working, even if it means telecommuting. Think about the front-liners who have to risk their lives just to save others, the people who have lost their jobs and struggle to survive during these difficult times, and the list goes on. Nonetheless, there are many benefits for working remotely such as not having to worry about our monthly income while staying safe at home. For these we should be really grateful.

2. Create your own little home office.

If you don't have one yet, create a little corner that is intended only for work. Avoid other digital distractions. Clean up, declutter and make your office table comfortable and functional. Remember, the spaces you create are a reflection of you. Just in case you are curious, I got my table and chair from the Japan Surplus.

3. Take a shower and have a cup of coffee/tea before starting your shift. 

Try to freshen up before you commence with a task. Cold showers boost the immune system and fight colds. Dress up if you feel like it, just never stay in your pajamas when you begin to telework. This will only make you less productive and ineffective. And the coffee? Well, it is the perfect compliment to kick start your day with enthusiasm. 

4. Plan your work goals for the day. 

Now that you're fresh and ready to have a fruitful day, start by writing down your plans and goals for the job. See to it that you accomplish your to-do list. Go back to #1 if you lose track and feel lazy achieving your list. 

5. Maintain a balance and take a break. 

While we keep our work schedule in mind, don't forget to take a break in between. Sitting infront of the computer for long periods of time can take toll on your health. So move away from your desk from time to time. Luckily, I have my plants to take care of to immerse in nature and also to get the electronic stuff out of my sight. If you don't have plants, simply do a bit of house chores to keep you away from your own little corner.

6. Exercise during long break. 

15-30 minutes are good enough to get physically fit and keep your mental health in check every day. Fitbit comes in handy to check my daily fitness. Youtube is also another useful way to follow some work-out videos. Stay active as you will need this the most when sheltering in place. 

7. Stay hydrated. 

Staying healthy and hydrated are the most important thing above all. We all know, even just a slight flu is a scary thing these days. So always have a bottle of water by your side. Keep an alarm if you must to remind yourself  to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. I like to drink my water with lemon and chia seeds

8. Eat healthy snacks and meals

Just like staying hydrated, it is essential to prepare healthy food during this pandemic. Incorporate lots of fruits in your daily diet.  Also, don't eat in your home-office desk. Always have a moment to enjoy your meals in your kitchen table.

9. Keep your productivity sheet updated. 

Some businesses require employees to submit a daily productivity sheet. In order to not lose track of your efforts and accomplishments, note everything down (if you're an old soul like me) everytime you finish a task or you can update it directly in your file. So by the end of the day, you have the productivity sheet ready without forgetting any details in it.

10Log in and Log out On-time. 

This must be the easiest thing to do now that we don't need to consider the travel and preparation time to go to the office. There should be no excuses why you can't commence work on time. With that said, you may also sign off on-time. Just because you don't have to worry about going home, doesn't mean you can stay longer in front of your PC and do all the tasks. Know your limits and know when to stop. Log out when it's time. 

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  1. Good advices, not easy but I'll try to follow them. Thanks

    1. You are right, they're not very easy at the beginning, but then eventually you will get the hang of it :) enjoy!